How to spend the quarantine time wisely

how to spend the quarantine time wisely

We all know the danger of the COVID-19, and currently, almost all the countries all over the world experiencing the most unusual social experiment that ever had in the world. Since the capability of the strong spreading of this virus, all the government is organizing and putting regulatory measurements to reduce the risk for the countries economy and human lives. By spending the quarantine time wisely will beneficial for you in many ways.

Why it is important to know how to spend the quarantine time wisely ?

Even though people knew what is the quarantine means, now they have the opportunity to experience it in almost all countries over the world. Some countries are in the total lockdown mode for more than a month from March 2020. Even though it is a hard time for all the people, we should positively look on that to improve our mental and physical wellbeing. To look at the quarantine period as a gift, you need to know how to spend the quarantine time wisely.

You may be a traveler, a doctor, a businessman, a student, or a software engineer, everyone is facing this situation equally no matter your status is. If you don’t know how to spend the quarantine time wisely, this brilliant opportunity may go away, and you will regret one day. Especially, living in the same place, and surfing the internet will make a boring lifestyle and it may lead you to mentally imbalanced situations. In this article, I will explain a few useful ideas that may answer your question of how to spend the quarantine time wisely.

1. Learn how to meditate at least for a short period to spend the quarantine time

practice self-meditation

Being in one place for a long period, and less outside connections may lead to mental issues for socialized creatures like us. Great medicine for that is self-practice meditation. Meditation is a practice that can bring relief and calmness into your mind as well as body. For your question of how to spend the quarantine time wisely one of the best answers is practicing meditation. You don’t need to be a pro to do a self-meditation, all you need is the perfect surrounding for it.

For instance, since this is a quarantine time, no one will come to interrupt you. Put on some calm music or meditation practice videos and try to spend at least 10 minutes per day. Make it a goal for a day. You will feel so much relief and a mentally strong feeling, which will be helpful to spend the rest of the quarantine time.

10-minute meditation with nature-inspired video backed with calm music.

2. Write a couple of blogs, articles, journals or books with your imaginations

spend time to write novels in quarantine time
write your best novel or blog article

This is one of the best ways to spend the quarantine time that help you to concentrate on one thing which may lead to a good outcome for your future. Writing a blog or article is a great idea that you can express your feelings through online media to the rest of the world. If you are a bit creative person, try to write some poems, quotes that may come to your mind.

Keeping a journal is also beneficial that you can document your feelings, sufferings, and even innovative ideas everyday basis. One day those ideas may be able to convert to a business or lifetime passive income. Apart from article writing, engaging in novel writing is also a great idea, because you can create your imaginary world, characters, and sceneries to build up a beautiful novel that can motivate you to spend the quarantine time more easily and wisely.

3. Connects with your elderly people, you may find out how awesome they are

connect with your elderly people in the quarantine time
connect with your parent more than ever

On normal days, most of us didn.t have enough time to spend our time with our elderly relatives, due to the highly complex lifestyle that we were spent so far. Even though CORONA VIRUS is a serious issue, this brings our family closer to us.

Spend time with them, that is the best way to spend the quarantine time wisely. When you keep connecting with them, not only you but also for them it will be a mental relief. Especially, you may rethink life and relationships from different angles.

4. Build your resume or image over the internet – learn new skills

Learn new skills during the quarantine time period
Learn new skills during this hard time

If you are a professional in any technology or field, this is the best time to improve your knowledge. In normal days, there will be so many interruptions that can occur, so you cannot concentrate on new skills or knowledge. Since quarantine gives you a space that you need, use it wisely to increase your professional value.

  • you can follow a new online course to learn a new language
  • Buy an Udemy course to learn new technology
  • Use youtube to learn new technology
  • Practice for important exams

Once you do those things, after the quarantine time, you will be a different person, and especially more valuable person for society as well as your company.

5. Prepare healthy meals and enjoy that

Prepare healthy meals and learn to cook
Prepare your own healthy meals

Being healthy is also important in these days. To do that, you need to avoid junk foods and you can start looking for new healthy lifestyles and practice that. There are thousands of healthy meal preparation videos on the internet that you can practice and prepare for your self.

Especially share it online via any media to your friends, which will make you feel better and special. So prepare healthy meals is one of a great way to answer the question of how to spend the quarantine time wisely

6. Create your indoor movie theater, enjoy the moment

Create a home theater for entertainment
Create your own moments in the home theater

To spend time, watching a movie is a great way. But what if we can create our home theater in your room space. lite up will some led lights and set up it as a romantic place with a surrounding sound system.

You may feel the movie theater feeling, and you can relax easily with any movie that you want. Keep a list of a genre that you need to watch and keep a list of movies and watch at least one per day. If you can write some reviews for it and post it in whatever media that you prefer.

7. Explore other counties (over the internet)

Explore other countries over the internet
explore the world over the internet

If you are a travel type person like me the best way to spend the quarantine time is exploring other countries, yes not physically, just digitally.

Go to several blogs, youtube, and search for the best place to visit in any country you may like. Especially keep some journals with what you found and plan for future trips with the knowledge that you got from your research.

Best places to visit in Singapore

Best places to visit in Paris (Europe)

Best places to visit in Switzerland (Europe)

The above things will help you to spend the quarantine time wisely and more productively, and especially your mental and physical health will be increase with those good practices.

Stay safe. Bye for now.

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