Best Mountains to Hike in Sri Lanka

Best mountains in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a paradise full of mountains. while some mountains are highly important in the historical aspect, others are important in the biodiversity aspect. 19 mainly significant mountains in Sri Lanka already got famous around the world. Among all the best mountains in Sri Lanka, here are the few best mountains to hike in Sri Lanka for travelers.

People like to have a superior view, when you have a view above others you can get a proper sense of nature. Climbing mountains is the best way to see the place above others, and it will give you a remarkable view.

Why the Mountains of Sri Lanka is perfect for travelers?

Best Mountains to Hike in Sri Lanka for travelers
Panoramic View for trekkers

Climbing a mountain is not easy work. It required dedication and practice, but as always says, difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations.

Since Sri Lanka affecting two monsoon seasons, it is quite difficult to predict the weather in Sri Lanka. Most of the time you can enjoy the warm weather and sunny conditions that make you feel refreshed.

The mountains of Sri Lanka shows the most beautiful panoramic views and the biodiversity in Sri Lanka for the traveler. You can feel low temperature and high humid environment in almost all mountains in the hill country. There are 19 mountains in Sri Lanka that famous around the world, and among those mountains, we will discuss a few Best Mountains to Hike in Sri Lanka that became the number one choice among many travelers.

We can categorize a mountain as an Easy, moderate, and difficult based on the difficulty level for hikers. In Sri Lanka except you will be able to experience mountains that belong to every category of difficulty.

If you are an adventure and thriller seeker, you can enjoy memorable locations and sceneries in Sri Lanka if you try to climb Mountains of Sri Lanka. We will discuss 5 most popular and best mountains to hike in Sri Lanka for travelers.

1. Sri Pada or Samanala Mountain (Adam’s peak)

[Moderately Hard]

Sri Pada or Samanala Mountain is one of the Best Mountains to Hike in Sri Lanka for travellers
Sri Padhaya (Adam’s peak)

This is the most popular and one of the best mountains to hike in Sri Lanka that comes with all significant values including history, biodiversity, and religion. Sri pada also is known as Adam’s peak is nearly 7400 feet tall (5th Highest Mountain in Sri Lanka) mountain that has attention from the people from all the religions.

The summit is known as a secret place that has the sacred footprint of lord Buddha. According to the Muslim legends the footprint belongs to Adam, according to the Hindu people, it’s the footprint of Shiva, and according to the Christians, it’s the footprint of St. Thomas the Apostle. Therefore, all people from all the corners, regardless of their religious beliefs, they will climb ‘Sri Pada’ at least once in a lifetime.

Sri Pada is one of the Best Mountains to Hike in Sri Lanka for travelers more than centuries
old drawings of Adam’s Peak

Apart from the religious view, some people believe that the world’s highest pyramid, due to the shadow structure when the sun rises. You should experience the first sun rays of the day from the summit in freezing weather, which will give you the experience of the best Mountains to Hike in Sri Lanka.

pyramid shaped shadow

For adventure travelers, apart from well known usual pathway with more than 5000 steps, there are 6 other trails to reach the summit. All the other trails are extremely hard and sometimes dangerous due to wild animals.

If you are a traveler who prefers more adventure, try the most difficult routes which are known as Kuruwita Erathna Trail and You have to walk more than 12 Km in a jungle that has 1850m elevation gain to reach the summit.

four most popular trails

If you are an experienced trekker with perfect health conditions, try to climb the mountain via above mention difficult routes, you will see unforgettable sceneries when you are going through the jungle and when you reach the clouds. Recommended to take help from a local guide, if you are using those treks, due to the extreme difficulty and in some areas, there are no visible paths to climb!

This Mountain is available for religious reasons in a 6 month season from December to May only, but you can climb it in offseason as well. If you are traveling off-season make sure you ready for heavy rain and pack enough food!

2. Kirigalpotta Trail


Kirigalpoththa Mountain is one of the Best Mountains to Hike in Sri Lanka for travellers
Kirigalpotha mountain

The second highest mountain with 2388m (7,835 ft) elevation in Sri Lanka and the entrance is from one of the best places to visit in Sri Lanka, which is known as Horton Plains (click here to see more about best places in Sri Lanka). Apart from the great biodiversity, weather, and landscape, one specialty is that this is the highest summit that any visitor allows to visit because the current hight summit (Piduruthalagal) is occupied by a military base and limited for public access.

The trail starts from the visitor entrance in Horton plains, and you have to hike about 7 KMs to reach the summit. The hike is moderately difficult and especially there are no clear and visible paths to walk, some times you will experience muddy field and extremely hard tracks when you creating your paths.

Fost important thing is you should be very careful because you might see a leopard, there are some events reported of leopard encounters. Recommended to accompany an experienced traveler with you and this will be a quite adventurous and unforgettable journey for you!

The Horton Plains

You can book the Horton Plains camping site by the authority website-DWC (try to book at least a month before) and rest for the night at the Horton Plains area in your tent. looking at the milky way in a cold environment will give you a sensation, that you cannot take it from anywhere else.

3. Lakegala Mountain


If you like to see a mountain that has a significant history which based on Ravana legends this is a quite interesting sight. Lakegala is situated in Meemure village, which is famous for the scenic beauty in Sri Lanka. If you visit Meemure, you can experience the old Sri Lanka, and still, the village has an unspoiled nature.

Lakegala is the hardest and toughest rock to climb in Sri Lanka, and there were some incidents due to people falling from sharp edges. You should be very careful and always accompanied by an experienced trekker with you.

There are several mythological stories behind the Lakegala. People believe that it’s a runway in Ravana time that the ‘dadumonara’ (ancient mythological flight object) lifted. Because of the shape of the mountain, Lakegala became popular among local and international travelers recently and recognized as one of the best mountains to hike in Sri Lanka.

difficult trail to the summit

There are several camping sights that you can get accommodation and food at a lesser cost. When you are going to Lakegala, don’t forget to experience village food, lifestyle. There are plenty of streams, rivers that you will be amazed by the calm nature.

3. Riverston Peak


Misty Trail

Riverston peak is known as the mini world’s end in Sri Lanka which located near the Matale district. You can observe one of the best views in Sri Lanka when you reach the summit. Still, this location is not much popular among tourists, but highly popular among local people. The access road is quite difficult due to lots of hairpin turns and wind.

unspoiled nature

The trek is easy and a cool experience, which has almost 2 KM to the peak. If you like to get a memorable panoramic view of Sri Lankan greeny fields and green covered hills this is one of the best places in Sri Lanka.

during the trek, you can observe two beautiful waterfalls Bambarakiri Ella and Sera Ella which have a great view and most photographers love to capture the view! All the views will be great in both the rainy and dry season.

Sera Ella
Bambarakiri Ella

At the end of the trek, you can capture a view with a drastic drop over 300meters down the hill and always covered with can have a proper relax trek that makes you feel great.

Tips: Don’t forget your camera, drone and some snacks to enjoy the place and the relaxing weather with your team! Since there are No vehicles you can fee nature, but you will never feel tired because of the cool environment and the spectacular view.

Apart from the above best mountains to hike in Sri Lanka, there are plenty of beautiful destinations, trails that you shouldn’t miss while you are traveling in this beautiful country.

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