Cultural Experiences in Japan

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Japan is one of the world’s most traditional counties. Millions of people from all over the world arriving to explore the country and its rich and charming culture. The natural beauty and lots of traditional values helped to Japanese people to glow over the world. Even though some cities like Tokyo are highly expensive, still Japan is an affordable destination even on a short budget. If you are planning to visit Japan, don’t miss the following six exceptional cultural experiences that you can only participate in and experience in Japan.

What is the best time to visit Japan?

Autumn in Japan
Autumn in Japan

First of all, you should decide on a time period for your travel plan. By the end of September, the typhoon season will come to the end, and the comfortable weather begins in Japan. Those are the periods that Japanese people harvest their crops and most of the harvest festivals, cultural activities, and autumnal hikes are starting in every corner in the Country. If you travel to Japan these days, you will be able to feel cool and comfortable weather and more importantly, you can experience the dazzling autumn colors in every tree.

1.) Experience Japanese Culinary Journey with a Kaiseki Meal

Culinary Culture in japan
Sushi meal

Japanese culinary is an art, more than a meal, if you need exposure, you should experience Japanese cuisine. One of the main cuisines is kaiseki-ryōri which will bring you experience than just a meal. You will get many small plats that each one is decorated in a significant way to showcase the cultural importance in Japan.

Experience Sake
Sake made from Rice

You can experience sushi based extraordinary meal that is rich in texture and flavor. Therefore, Try not to miss the experience of sake, which is also another experience that you will never forget.

2.) Experience the Traditional Tea Ceremony

Tea Ceremony experience have a cultural value
Traditional tea ceremony

The Japanese tea ceremony is all about their tradition. From the teacup, water kettle, the gesture of the host person, and even the dress are included in this ceremony. The tea ceremony started back in the 16th century to illustrate the extreme bond and honesty between host and guest.

Especially, This is a symbol of hospitality among Japanese people. You can experience a tea ceremony for around 2500 Yen, and that amount is worth for such experience.

Tea Ceremony
Experience a Tea Ceremony

More than just a normal tea, the experience is like a meditation, which relaxes your mind and body during the event. Make sure to observe the quality green tea and the hand made shaker which covers the tea into the beautiful and tasty green brew. This tea ceremony is one of the best experiences that you shouldn’t miss in Japan.

3.) Wear a Kimono and wooden slippers

Kimono Dress

kimonos are still very much part of Japanese culture. When you think about Japan, you will picture a kimona every time. kimona is the traditional dress in Japan, and they still proud to wear it on an everyday basis in some villages, and even in the town as well. One fabulous experience is that, If you travel via a cab when you wore a kimono, they will give you a 20% discount. That’s a symbol of the cultural bond of the Japanese people.

Traditional Kimono
Traditional Kimono

Depending on the season and weather kimona worn differently. you can order or rent a kimona from many places in Japan. In addition to that try the distinctive clip-clop of wooden geta sandals as well (click here oo see some shops). Try to be a Japanese in Japan, and don’t miss this experience while you are traveling in Japan. Some things are better when you try them yourself instead of just watching.

4.) Kabuki Performance and Gasia Dance

Kabuki performance is cultural event
Kabuki performance

Kabuki is one of the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage experiences that you can have in Japan. listen to a Kabuki Performace in a well famous theater in Japan using this link

You will see lots of Kabuki dances are based on historical stories, and they are performing historical activities that happen over centuries ago. Some of the activities are including wars, showman stories that happen in Japan. One of the significant items of a Kabuki dance is the voice, which demonstrates terror, laughter, fear, and many feelings with exaggerated actions.

Specifically, there are many traditional theaters available all over Japan. You can easily book a show to enjoy the Kabuki moment.

Gasia’s performance is also highly popular in Japan for centuries. You can encounter traditional women with Kimono dresses performing century-old dance segments if you visit one of the Gasia performing theater.

Therefore, among cultural experiences in Japan, Kabuki and Gasia perform is known as one of the best experiences in Japan to discover the traditional values of Japanese people.

5.) Practice Sword-Fighting with Samurais

Samurai tradition
Samurai costume

Samurais are the powerful military cast in Japan in the early days during the Heian Period (794-1185). When we talked about Japan, the samurai is one of the famous words that coming to our mind. see more information about samurais in Japan using this link

Similarly, Every samurai worries are bound to obey the ethical code of bushido (link ), which is known as the way of self-discipline and conferring loyalty to their master.

samurai sword
samurai sword

Samurai sword is also highly popular due to the strength and sharpness, and the style with samurais. If you want to become a great worry, a samurai for a day, why not try samurai school in Kyoto just for 75$.

Importantly, You can experience a 1h 30m session for all the basics, including dress, style, and sword fighting if you try this.

6.) Experience a Capsule Hotel Stay!

Experience Capsule hotel
Capsule hotel

Importantly, Japan is very famous for some weird kinds of stuff. Capsule hotels (click here to see Capsule hotel guides) are one of those items. Capsule Hotels introduced in the 1970s in Osaka prefecture. Those cells are designed for a person and all the amenities are included inside that space. These types of capsule hotels are one of the tourist attractions in Japan.

Especially, For tourists who are looking for a low budget, a single night stay these types of hotels will bring a wonderful experience for them. even though this is primarily designed for business people, the capsule hotel experience is one of the unique cultural experiences that you can have in Japan.

In conclusion, Japan is a unique country with a unique tradition. Don’t miss those traditional and cultural experiences when you are planning your next travel.

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